About Us

Our History

Genesis Salon was established by Wendy Schierman in 1992. The original location was the Northwest corner of Washington Avenue and Main Street. The salon originally took up the back of the building and had a staff of three. The salon expanded to take up the full first floor of the building and included a one room massage/spa area. At this point the salon and spa had twelve employees.

In 2008, the salon and spa moved to it’s current location at 238 Main Street South and officially became Genesis Salon and Enso Spa. This new space had previously been occupied by JC Penny and Hennen’s Furniture. This new location nearly quadrupled the amount of space. The building underwent a complete remodel that allowed for dedicated seperate areas for the salon and spa.

Our Products

Genesis Salon and Enso Spa has used and offered Aveda products since day one. We believe strongly in their holistic and organic approach to their products. We also are encouraged by the fact that Aveda does not uses animals when testing and developing their products. Genesis Salon and Enso Spa are currently an Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa.

Our Mission

Be Mindful Be Present
To  BE at peace with everyday life,
We must become
Fully connected
to our surroundings.

We must be conscious of the
Future, learn from the past, but LIVE
In the present, the Here and Now.

This is Genesis and Enso
To help you, Live in the moment, every Moment.

Mindfulness is woven
Through every service and activity we offer.
Each experience is designed to heighten the Senses,
to increase awareness and help you
live in the Moment, so you can live a more
Balanced life.